The original release
In January 2010 F. Karnstein released his first song Winterherz (i.e. "winter heart") on the internet - a song that with its heavy use of synthesizers and bass guitar is rather easily identifiable as a product of his love for 80's and early 90's new wave and goth music - chosing as an artist name the one-time project title Diurnal Masque.

But after a lot of positive feedback and with some new inspiration Karnstein decided to continue this work as an actual band project, eventually changing the name to Farblos (Germ. "colour-less") and beginning work on several songs ranging from faster-paced dark synthpop to rather hypnotic semi-accoustic ballads, releasing Du fällst as the second demo in October 2011.
First media attention followed in December 2011 with both songs being aired on the show Dark Synthphony on German web radio Radio Dunkle Welle (i.e. "Radio Dark Wave") with Du fällst being voted #2 on RDW's listeners' charts.

The 2012 [demo] EP
In 2012 the songs Diurnal Masque, Auf der Schwelle (i.e. "on the threshold") and Reisen (i.e. "journeying") were published, with the much more ethereal Reisen making it on Dark Feather magazine's digital Snowflakes compilation in December 2012. That same month "Winterherz" was published on Gothic Files 12-4, a CD compilation by German GOTHIC Magazine.
A collection of these first five demo songs is now available as a free downlad EP entitled [demo].

July 2013 saw the release of Hazy Shade of Winter, being the first cover song (originally by Simon & Garfunkel) and simultaneously the last home-produced demo track, since following a record deal with Obscure Music in August 2013 professional studio production on the debut album eventually titled Nothing left or us to see began with producer Fabian Zirkler.

As a first appetizer of the upcoming album Never too late was published in April 2014 on the Stairways compilation.

In March 2015 the complete [demo] EP was released as a limited vinyl record called ...und der Regen fällt via the Spanish label Dead Wax Records (including the previously unreleased demo version of Never too late) and finally October 2015 saw the digital release of the debut album, with a vinyl release (again via Dead Wax) following in 2016.

Currently Farblos is back at home recording as well as SEARCHING FOR LIVE MUSICIANS.
There is currently one live musician for either GUITAR or BASS, so there is still need for the respective counterpart, but someone for LIVE ELECTRONICS (keyboards, sequencers, drumcomputers,...) would also come in very very handy.
Ideally live musicians should live somewhere in central Germany (Farblos being situated in the general region of Frankfurt/Main), but feel free to get in touch if you think you can provide help of any kind.