Today it should be raining
- the sun is high
The world should be in mourning
- no wail or cry
There should be storm and lightning
- no cloud I see
I feel that I should lose you
- you're right next to me

The reek should suffocate me
- a pleasent smell
I should be ill and sickly
- I'm feeling well
The meadows should be sallow
- no hint of grey
I feel I should be sinking
- I float away

Darkness should be coming
- I'm bathed in light
I should be so grown-up
- I am a child
Today I should be freezing
- I'm feeling hot
Today I should be happy,
but I am not.


Allein in Scherben auf der Schwelle
Weiß nicht vor und nicht zurück
Eilend - tretend auf der Stelle
Auf welcher Seite liegt das Glück?

Rechterhand vertraute Schmerzen
Linkerhand Unsicherheit
Lauschend angsterfülltem Herzen,
Das keine Fehler mehr verzeiht

Ist es Suche nach Katharsis?
Stummes Harren, schamerfüllt?
Ein Erkalten nur in Stasis
Jeder Hunger ungestillt

Allein in Scherben auf der Schwelle
Was ist Dunkel? Was ist Licht?
Weitersuchend nach der Quelle
Vor - zurück - Ich weiß es nicht


Alone in shards on the threshold
Don't know a way forward nor backward
Hurrying - treading water
On which side lies fortune?

To the right there's well-known pain
To the left there's uncertainty
Listening to a frightened heart
That won't forgive another mistake

Is it the search for katharsis?
Silent abiding, filled with shame?
Cooling down in stasis
Every hunger unstilled

Alone in shards on the threshold
What is darkness? What is light?
Continuing the search for the source
Forwards - backwards - I don't know


Trodden dirt beneath my feet
Trailing down the dusty street
A million miles have passed me by
So I lay down and watch the sky

Only mist and fog ahead
Not a single word I said
Ever could remain
What has been shall be no more
Locked and barred the rusty door

Will we ever reach our goals?
Where is the mender of our soules?
Eternal march to a promised land
To meet a dream or meet the end

Mist and fog lie on our way
Singing songs of yesterday
Nothing shall remain
Countless lives shall never be
Nothing left for us to see
No excuse, no certainty


Fühlst du dich um deine Welt betrogen?
Hat man dir den Boden weggezogen?
Bist du immer noch im freien Fall?
Wartest du noch immer auf den Aufprall?

Und du fällst
Und du schreist - Und du weinst
Und du hasst - Und du liebst
Und du fällst

Und du fällst
Und du rufst - Und du hoffst
Und du liebst - Und du liebst
Und du fällst

Hast du noch immer das Problem nicht erkannt?
Schlägst du weiter Löcher in die Wand?
Läufst du weiter immer nur im Kreis?
Ist dir auch weiter weder kalt noch heiß?


Do you feel cheated of your world?
Has the ground been pulled from beneath your feet?
Are you still within the free fall?
Are you still waiting for the impact?

And you fall
And you cry - And you weep
And you hate - And you love
And you fall

And you fall
And you call - And you hope
And you love - And you love
And you fall

Have you still not recognized the problem?
Are you still punching holes into the wall?
Do you still run in circles?
Are you still neither cold nor hot?


Wanem ter órin - sycen na peþas
Wanem nar tór- ter mór

Tíroc i garmi nar men ie lastoc i gawat?
Tíroc i dehtin e leoltar? Deriʃ na calat?

06 KALT (in the end)

The war has long been over
But there was nothing gained or lost
We're cleaned up and we're sober
The last frontier has long been crossed
When all imagination
And all of our dreams come to an end
All hopes run dry

We're scratching at the surface
To seem to care what's underneath
We wear our darkened glasses
Don't dare to look! But: Look achieved!
The talk of revolution
Just another term from history books
We're standing by

And I keep thinking: what has been and what is never gonna be
And I keep thinking: in the end there's nothing left for us to see
And I keep thinking how it's been, and how it wasn't meant to be
And I keep thinking: in the end there's nothing left for us to be

We drank the poison chalice
But every drop has gone to waste
We sing a song of love and malice
Where every word has been replaced
I trip, you slip, we're falling
We fall together, fall apart
We aimed for heaven, hit the sky


How could it be you never learned to speak?
You never knew that you could not see
You were so wrong to hope it was easy
A wasted chance to make things as they should be

But I know: It's never too late
And I know: It's never too late

You carry on to face another day
There was a light - a guide upon your way
The candle's out, but it's never really dark
You took your leave, but there's a time to re-embark


The mirror is broke - it's raining cold shards
Beholding but blackness since one pierced my heart
I break all the flowers and I shatter my light
And what once woke my loving now wakes anger and spite

I receive tender kisses from lips made of frost
And I know that I'll follow - no matter the cost
The deathly beauty clouds my heart like a mist
But I live in a dreamworld that I never knew did exist

I dwell in a glacier, bathed in northern lights
A frost-bitten phantom beyond mirth and delights
Where obedience is heart-felt love soon may be
I'm waiting for weeping - and 'eternity'


Since Sun has bowed his head
To the drear and biting cold
All the birds' songs: They are dead
Philomela's pinions fold
Gloom reigned afar and near
Winter will soon be here
To show his dreadful power
As all life forsakes the flower

...und der Regen fällt

True joy might follow grief
If my heart felt less despair
And with laughter, glee, relief
Flowers blossomed everywhere
Who is able shall rejoice
But ever silent is my voice
Even if tomorrow'll show
Clover green where now there's snow

...und der Regen fällt