Thursday 16 November 2017

Update and social media

It's been a while since Farblos showed some signs of life. But rest assured, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes..

Two years have gone by since the debut album Nothing left for us to see was first released and many things have changed in the meantime.
The original plan saw Farblos entering the stage at least with the album release, maybe even earlier, but major shifts in the private sector have resulted in shifts in my musical aspirations as well: I have become the father of the most wonderful little human being, to whom I have given all my attention.

With her having become a not-so-little-anymore human being (who loves watching daddy in the Du fällst video clip) it seems about time to get back on the horse, and indeed work on new material has never ceased and is given more attention now. With one major difference:
Farblos is back in the home studio.

While I am immensely thankful to Fabian Zirkler for giving me the opportunity to work with a professional producer and studio musician, the work in his studio has shown me one thing in particular: Though he gave a lot to the music I found it very hard to convey my vision of my music, so that at the end of the day we were both not as satisfied with the work and the results as we were hoping for.
I am proud of the album and I like its sound, but I'm sure that it would have turned out quite differently, had I worked on it alone. Certainly not as professionally sounding, and sometimes not as rich, but certainly a bit more like the unfiltered Farblos you knew from the demo recordings (resp. the ...und der Regen fällt vinyl).

So I am back to recording alone, which got a bit easier after my studio experience, but which still takes me a lot of time and will sound a bit more raw. I am sure many of you will appreciate this, though.

Currently it's still very open when work will be finished, but I'm leaning towards an E.P. release at some point in 2018.

I am currently in talks with some indie labels, but I'm still very thankful for new contacts - especially concerning tape and CD release, and publication in Latin America, where it seems that Farblos has a particularly devoted fanbase (you guys are awesome!) - so by any means:
Feel free to contact me (here, on Bandcamp or Facebook)!

Besides that I am again searching for a live crew! Bass, synths and other stage electronics, guitar and maybe even e-drums.
Please contact me if you think you can help take Farblos to the stage!

Furthermore I have recently taken to more social media. None of the accounts is entirely about Farblos alone, so you will always find the odd bit about other dark artsy stuff, books, vegetarianism, alternative parenting and the like, but I would be thrilled to meet you guys over at INSTAGRAMTUMBLR and TWITTER!

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