Monday 18 May 2015

New Shop

Since our previous provider Unknown Pleasure is not available at the moment (and will be back with a somewhat shifted focus) the Farblos merch shop has been relocated to

As before the Farblos logo is available on regular black shirts as well as black girlie shirts and the pins come in white on black and black on white. But additionally there's now also a ladies' tank top now, as well as a black on grey logo shirt for those of you who dare to wear some "colour" ;)
There's also a black on grey pin now, as well as one featuring the Winterherz logo.

We're working on getting the Winterherz shirts back in stock but encounter some technical difficulties at the moment. The same goes for the pins, which are at the moment only available in packs of six.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the producer later decided that the black logo cannot be provided on the dark grey shirt, so we unfortunately had to settle for a lighter tone than the one shown here.

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