Monday 27 July 2015

Shirts for a special price (Winterherz back in stock!)

As promised we worked on getting the WINTERHERZ shirt back in stock, and we managed to get the remaining stock items of Unknown Pleasure shop, which can now be purchased for a special price of 12,50€, as long as they last.

We also got a remaining stock of FARBLOS logo shirts (regular white on black), which will also be 12,50€. Both are available as regular T-shirts as well as contoured girly shirts in S, M, and L.

Furthermore, each shirt will come with a free pin featuring the FARBLOS logo (black on white, or vice versa), and you may just add some info, if you would like shipping to happen in some particular way (we would have to talk about shipping costs in such cases). In general we will try to make it as cheap as possible by using standard posting where it is available.

Visit the Farblos BandCamp account to place your order!

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